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September 19, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On September 1st, we gathered to celebrate Fregenet Foundation’s fourteenth year of service to children, families and communities. We arrived with hope, love, and a promising future. The plan for the night was put into action just a few months ago with a group of friends who believed in the foundation’s efforts, alongside volunteers who consistently asked, “what can we do?”, with longtime supporters who donated their talents, journalists who conducted interviews, art connoisseurs who donated exceptional masterpieces for auction, and an audience made up of old friends and new, gathered for the cause.

The night started out simple, with a brief opening video sharing a glimpse of what it truly means to have nothing and still raise children. Testimonies from mothers whose children attend the school shared their feelings – some in between cries – dispensed praise and blessings to the program including those that run it. Children’s stories were read by a group of kids that are realizing at a young age the responsibilities they share in alleviating poverty, not just here but back home in Ethiopia.

Our evening moved towards dinner, with brief reports noting the Foundation’s impeccable record as a non-profit, effective fiscal responsibility, including its ongoing success in making measurable impact on those served with limited funds. During the night, many of the children that were involved in the celebration moved through the crowds selling bracelets they created. Additionally, they brought on new sponsors, which will allow children to continue attending school; these sponsorships are central to our Foundation’s success. Our evening Master of Ceremony engaged the audience throughout the night, reminding attendees what it means to have, while encouraging us all to continue to support the mission of our Foundation.

Towards the end, a young boy shared his experience in Ethiopia visiting schools and mingling with children that were his age, but with different life experiences. There, he shared what it means to give and raise others that may be underserved, forgotten or left for time to do away with them. He concluded by stating “Giving is the one thing that can mean anything and change everything”. It’s true – by the generous giving of our supporters, and the giving of those working to make it a success, the Fregenet Foundation has educated approximately 400 children. They meet the needs of families in various ways and give the ultimate gift – hope and an unmatched opportunity for children to fully realize their future.

In his closing remarks, Tafesse Woubshet, President of the Foundation, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the volunteer groups for putting together a wonderful evening, to the board members of the organization for their outstanding leadership and their long-time service to the children’s cause, to all the supporters of the organization who attended the event as well as those who donated for the occasion but couldn’t attend the event, and to all individuals who participated in this effort.  The president also briefly discussed the foundation’s next venture: The Bishoftu Project, an elementary school construction as its upcoming exciting task to be implemented in the coming months.

Overall, the evening was a resounding success as turnout exceeded expectations. Dinner ticket sales, art auction, bracelet sales, additional student sponsor signups, and various other activities throughout the event, had a great financial impact which will help the Foundation continue its mission of serving children. In their education endeavors. In all, during this fundraising event, the foundation received over $32,000.

The organization has already started putting together a planning committee in anticipation of an even bigger event for its 15-year anniversary in the fall season of 2019. We hope to see you there!  We leave you with the renowned Russian psychologist Lev S. Vygotsky outstanding remark; our dear supporters, “it is through others that we become ourselves”.

With much gratitude,

The Fregenet Foundation