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The Fregenet Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to creating educational opportunities for impoverished children. Our pilot school The Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat school opened its doors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the fall of 2004.


In Ethiopia, the public school system provides free education but the students have to find a way to pay for meals, uniform and books. For many children, this simple goal is unreachable due to their family’s financial circumstances. Moreover, the average teacher to students ratio in the public school (particularly in the lower grade school level) is about 1 to 80. And there are no pre-K or kindergarten programs.

With these obstacles, it is no surprise that only the wealthy in Ethiopia can afford a quality education for their children.


Fregenet Foundation set out to help the children of those who cannot afford a quality education. We set out to provide this by building a school that has lower teacher / student ratio (1 to 30) and provides everything for free (meals, uniform, books, education, transportation), including a free pre-K and K program.

Today, our pilot school is operating in its 10th year (as of 2014) with nearly 300 students enrolled. Over 180 kids are on our campus. These kids are in our pre-K to 4th grade. We support the other students (from 5th grade thru high school) by enrolling them in the public school system, but equipped with a solid education foundation and the finances to purchase meals/uniforms/books.

From our 10 year experience, we have a vision to create a model school – one that can be planted in a nearby community and then be replicated in other impoverished region throughout Africa, eventually the world.

Our belief is that thru education, we can change the future of a child. And that child can change the future of a community. Ultimately, these children will change the future, the world. Our future. Our world.