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October 15, 2018

When I first started working with the Fregenet school I was very excited and eager to make a change in the children’s lives. I felt the need to help those that were less fortunate than I was. Although I knew that the Fregenet Foundation tremendously supported the kids, I sympathized and felt bad for the kids that were suppressed by their financial status. Knowing so, my main goal was to tutor and help them financially. But as time passed by and I spent more time with the kids, my main goal slowly shifted.

Instead of sympathizing for the children I slowly came to acknowledge that their insides lacked nothing. I realized their eccentric personalities as I talked and played with them. They showed me how financial status did not define their capabilities. They also showed me qualities of love, confidence, satisfaction and hope which were the most important aspects of life. They showed me true happiness and how full they were. That’s when I acknowledged that these kids have the very important qualities that many people strive to find and that all they lacked is the least important, money. I realized that even though they struggled with math and English they were brilliant in solving real-life problems, they had exceptional personalities that would make them successful in life as long as they didn’t give up.

This acknowledgement has helped me set a new goal. I now strive to help people believe in themselves and set great goals no matter their financial status. I let them know that our inner capabilities cannot be held back by anything except our wrong beliefs and that the qualities of love, confidence, satisfaction, and hope are free to exist within all of us. I believe that the greatest way that we can help children is not by striving to make their environment perfect, but rather to let them know that they can achieve their greatest goals by simply believing. If all of us knew the true values of love, and satisfaction we wouldn’t give much value to money. Thus, we would be willing to share it with anyone, more often. By letting people know the true values of belief, love and satisfaction I hope to bring about change in environments that value money more.

I am now proud to say that this experience has not only helped me enhance my leadership skills but has also changed my life by helping me become a more well-rounded person. It helped me see how much I love helping people put on a smile. I thank you with all my heart for this great opportunity and hope to work with you in the near future.

Thank you

Meheret Abebe