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August 10, 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you may recall from our news release of May 1st 2017, we announced that we would have our first annual family day benefiting the Fregenet Foundation, to be held on August 19, 2017. We also informed all of you, our esteemed supporters, to save the date on your calendars and stand by until we disclosed the venue.

Unfortunately, due to logistical issues beyond our control, we have been forced to postpone the event to a date in the future. The Foundation sincerely apologizes to our friends and supporters that this event will not happen as initially planned.  The family event scheduled for August 19, 2017 will not take place as scheduled.

However, an alternate fund-raising event will be organized and the details will be announced as soon the program is fully organized and completed.

We would like to take this moment to inform our supporters that significant progress has been made over this academic year.  While it may seem routine to us adults, completion of a successful year in school is a significant milestone for a child, and even more so for our young people. One more cohort of preschool students has successfully completed their first year in school.  Let us remember not to take this for granted since without the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School and your generous donations, these particular young people would likely be well behind their peers.

And of course, we “graduated” another class of 4th graders. At this point they will enter a nearby public school with support from us.  FKLS graduates can always come back to us when they need books, uniforms, or even a solid meal. And our dedicated staff at FKLS is currently scanning the community, seeking out those most in need and preparing for the coming academic school year with an additional batch of 4-year-old preschoolers, which will start this coming September.

Your relentless and continued support has provided the Foundation’s ability to provide a critical need – education – to many underprivileged children. Your donation has enabled us to be in the business of hope for over 13 years.

We want to take this opportunity to encourage you to participate in our Student Sponsorship Program. This program is what it costs to educate, feed and clothe a child in our school, and it comes in at less than a dollar per day – a mere $25 per month for one child or $300 per year.

Thank you very much

The Fregenet Foundation