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August 4, 2014

Dear Supporters

Fregenet School was privileged to receive groups and individual guests from within the country and abroad during the months of February ñ June 2014. These include: The Diplomatic Spouse Matrix Group in Ethiopia, a couple of families from the diaspora, two friends of Fregenet Foundation in the States, and an Ethiopian supporter from Germany.

In addition, we had a number of volunteer youths from abroad who graciously shared their knowledge, experiences and friendship with our students. These youths were: Aida Kaleb, Liya and Eden Ashebir from USA, Sara and Sunil Raja from the UK.

Donations of funds and materials in 2014 were received with gratitude from groups, organizations and individuals. These include a generous financial donation towards student services from the Diplomatic Spouse Matrix, funds and tickets from Ethiopian Airlines towards the new school building project, a computer and books from the Kaleb family, books and stationary items from the Embassy of South Korea, eight used computers from Metaferia Consulting Engineers, two used computers from Simba Private Limited Company and books with a few kitchen items from the Debele Gebissa family.

Fregenet School appreciates these financial, material and in-kind donations. The school is happy to inform our supporters that quite a few pledged donations have also been fulfilled in due course.

FKL Ethiopain

In other news, the 2014 4th Grade graduates had a tour of the Ethiopian Airlines facilities on June 25, 2014. The visit was initiated by the management of the school. Based on information gathered from the students afterwards, it was revealed that six of the 26 students are aspiring to become pilots, five want to be scientists, and four of them would like to become engineers. We, at the Fregenet Foundation, are thrilled when our students feel the hope and confidence to have lofty aspirations. The students were given ample opportunity to ask questions during the visit at the Ethiopian Airlines and our hosts were impressed at the type of questions raised by the students.