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Dear friends and supporters

Those of us who work with The Fregenet Foundation want to extend a warm thanks to you for helping us give children from destitute homes in Ethiopia a running head start in their education. We feel that together we are not just providing knowledge but also hope and self-esteem and sense of future possibilities to our students and their families. Again, thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

We are pleased to announce a new and exciting local potential partner in our efforts to build a program and a school that is ever expanding and improving. The Fregenet Foundation founder and President, Tafesse Woubshet makes frequent visits to Ethiopia for the purpose of meeting with the local board, checking in on local staff, and addressing administrative requirements associated with running a nonprofit. But he also makes a point of looking for potential partners among local businesses with a desire for philanthropic commitment that is looking to give back to community and country.

Recently Tafesse found just such an organization when he paid a visit to the Awash International Bank which has its headquarters near the National Theater in Addis Abeba. He reports that his meeting with bank President, Ato Tsehay Shiferaw, was truly a pleasure. Ato Tsehay and Awash International Bank are to be commended, first of all, for their growth and success in the Ethiopian business landscape, but no less so for their sense of duty to build up the next generation of Ethiopia’s leaders, workers, and consumers.

Tafesse left the office of Ato Tsehay with a pledge stating that Awash International Bank will be providing each student at the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School with a new uniform and the hope for future support on annual basis. This generous gift takes a huge burden off of the school and its families. Quite honestly, the families that FKL serves frequently do not have the resources to insure that there is adequate food in the home, much less a school uniform. But with this donation, the school is able to direct its precious funds toward insuring permanence in the neighborhood and improving services to students. Join us in extending a big thank-you to Ato Tsehay Shiferaw and Awash International Bank for this generous donation.

In other news, please pay a visit to the newly minted Africans in the Diaspora website for which a link is provided below. This organization, founded by Africans all around the continent and dedicated to improving conditions in the mother land, has created quite a buzz in the African Diaspora community. We are proud to announce that they have invited Tafesse Woubshet to contribute an opening interview to their blog.


And again, thank you so much.

The Fregenet Foundation