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June 13, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The founder of Yeneta primary School was very excited and inspired by what Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School (FKL) does for disadvantaged children, when she and one of Yeneta’s school teachers visited the school a year ago. After observing FKL activities, she promised to support our work and bring students from Yeneta to visit the students at Fregenet.

After several contacts, three Yeneta teachers made arrangements and brought about 45 students to visit and support the school.  Students from grades 4 to 8 arrived at Fregenet School Thursday May 15, 2018 and met some very happy and excited faces.

First, FKL officials gave a brief clarification on what the school wanted the students to do and answered a few basic questions. Yeneta School teachers also expressed the reason for their trip and said that the visit will foster and encourage responsible and generous young people of Ethiopia as well as create an opportunity to experience what is usually outside of their everyday environment.

Subsequently, Yeneta teachers presented some gifts they brought for FKL and the students:

  • 20 kilos of Sugar, 15 kilos of Macaroni, 10 liters of cooking oil, 15 kilos of rice and 5 kilos of lentils (estimated cost = 2100 Birr), and 3,800 birr in cash, as well as
  • great number of clothing items and shoes which were distributed to 150 students

FKL received their gifts with many thanks and appreciation. Afterwards, the students finally got the chance to see the school compound in groups.  During lunch recess, Yeneta students helped serve the food, worked in the kitchen, washed dishes and ate lunch with the young ones. They also enjoyed playing football and had traditional dance with FKL students.

At 2:30 pm their visit was over and FKL students and teachers expressed their gratitude to all Yeneta School teachers and students for their contributions and memorable visit.


Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School