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February 4, 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

A group of 10th graders from the Greek Community School concluded a half semester of tutoring Fregenet School 4th graders during their spare time mostly on weekends. The group was created to help and support Fregenet School Students last year. At that time, the tutors were 9th graders and they called themselves M.A.C or Make A Change.

As soon as they organized themselves last year, the MAC group put together an amazing Used Book Drive and donated their collection of more than 400 books to the Fregenet School library. After that they immediately started tutoring our 4th grade students on Saturdays.

This year, Meheret Abebe, spearheading the group, wrote, “I am proud to say that we have finished our tutoring to the wonderful 4th grade students and will now proceed to teaching the 3rd graders. We organized a small farewells party for our students with some food and presents (such as backpacks, t shirts, art books, pencil bags and colors) we had bought for them. We said our goodbyes and are now going to start teaching the 3rd graders this week. 


The past year has been an amazing year with our fellow students, they are well behaved and always eager to learn. They make us proud every week and we are looking forward to continue spending more time with Fregenet’s marvelous students!!”

The Fregenet School board and staff want to take this opportunity to express their heartfelt admiration and gratitude for these young MAC group tutors.  Our wish is for more committed groups like this who might lend their hands to the disadvantaged all over the earth, so that we could have a better and more peaceful world to live in.

Thank you so much MAC!

The Fregenet Foundation.