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February 3, 2020

Dear Friends and supporters,

The Fregenet Foundation board, along with the Fregenet School board and staff members are delighted to share some exciting news with you concerning the ground breaking ceremony of Fregenet Dembi Elementary School in Bishoftu.

A special event was held on Sunday January 26, 2020 at the school construction site in the city of Bishoftu, a.k.a. Deberziet, three kilometers away from the main road. The occasion was mainly organized by Flintstone Engineering Plc, the contractor.  In attendance were Fregenet Foundation board members, owners of Alpha Trading Partners Plc. and invited guests from the city of Bishoftu including Education Bureau representatives, Finance and Economy Cooperation Bureau employees, community elders, as well as children and community members.

This long-awaited event began with opening remarks by the head of the education bureau of the Bishoftu, followed by the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsant School board chair Ato Fikremariam Yifru, Ato Mesfin Tadesse, CEO of Flintstone Engineering plc., other dignitaries and city officials, community representatives and elders.

Aba Geda Beyene Senbeto blessed the occasion and advised the surrounding community to cooperate, support, participate in the construction of the school until it is finished. The school construction design of the classrooms, cafeteria, computer lab, clinic and library were explained and displayed for the invited guests. Beef and lamb barbeques Ethiopian style, beer, Tela and other refreshments were served for the invited guests to celebrate this special occasion.

Flintstone Engineering, which is now a partner of Fregenet School, has agreed to build Fregenet Dembi elementary school in 420 days at cost without adding its customary profit margin.  Fregenet School will pay only for materials and labor. The Fregenet Foundation hopes that this partnership will continue in the replication of two future schools which are in the planning stages and will be realized as soon as the requests for plots of land are granted.

Please join us and spread the word of this wonderful news to your contacts dear supporters.  We will keep sharing the progress of this new school with you regarding construction and other activities to benefit our school and students.

Thank you very much

The Fregenet Foundation