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Dear friends of the Fregenet Foundation,

It is with deep pleasure that we wish to inform you of some extremely good news. Global Fund for Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the good work of organizations such as ours, has approved and dispensed a grant for Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat for the fall of 2011 grant cycle. The total grant amount is 8,000 USD and this includes a 1,000 USD for supplemental health and well-being grant.

As you all may remember, GFC gave our school $6000 last year which it has generously increased. The money is certainly welcome, but this donation is also a ringing endorsement of the work we have committed ourselves to in Ethiopia. GFC examines the efforts of its receiving entities closely and would not have signed on for another year if it did not believe we were making important contributions to the lives of the needy children.

Please keep in mind that a grant such as this does not fall, unexpectedly into an organization’s lap. It is earned and sought after. Research is done, contact is made, paperwork is delivered, and relationships are formed and nurtured. A great deal of thanks goes to the members of the Fregenet local board members, manager and to the staff on the ground for keeping up their spirits, their energy, and their work ethic in securing this grant, and in creating the sort of organization that can attract a grant of this quality.

The Board of Directors at The Fregenet Foundation here in Los Angeles would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to Global Fund for Children, its program officers and staff for their continued contribution to our cause.

And finally, thanks, as always to all of you, our supporters for encouraging and supporting us in this work.

The Fregenet Foundation