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June 28, 2016

Dear Fregenet School Supporters,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we come to you again today with news of  a new opportunity and an imminent partnership with GlobalGiving.

As you may remember a few weeks back, we submitted a project called “Literacy training for needy children in Ethiopia” to raise funds and garner support via GlobalGiving from their wonderful and resourceful platform.

Here’s the good news: They like us, they like the work we do, they like the way we are transparent, and the way we keep the books. There is just one thing standing in our way.  WE NEED TO QUALIFY FOR THEIR ASSISTANCE!   All that is left is for us to meet their funding requirement to show that we have a responsive and generous donor base.  But in order to tap into GlobalGiving donor base we have to be in full member status.

Since we started this fundraiser, 23 donors have raised us $2515!  This is great news for us!  It means we are more than halfway toward meeting the requirement.  But ultimately we need 40 donors to raise a minimum of $5000. Also, tomorrow, June 29, 2016 there is a Bonus Day match of 20% by GlobalGiving. The project that raises the most funds on bonus day will also receive an additional $500 as well as another $500 prize for the project that has the highest number of unique donors.

Let’s repeat it, here is our task again.  GlobalGiving requires us to get donations at least from 40 different donors with contributions of $10 to $1000, until we reach the total fundraising minimum of $5000.  Once we pass the $5000 threshold, (and we are certainly allowed to go above and beyond) we can begin to expect more donations through GlobalGiving.

GlobalGiving would not be considering us except that we have a great track record of stability and integrity.  One of the great things about our work is that we don’t have to do it alone.  We have each other.  So we encourage everyone to go online immediately and donate at this link:  https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/training-preschool-for-360-needy-children-in-ethiopia/

On behalf of the children whose lives are dramatically better as a result of your generosity, thank you.  We can’t say this enough.  Your donation is so important and appreciated.

The Fregenet Foundation