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Fregenet Foundation founder Tafesse Woubshet is in Ethiopia and sent us these updates from the wonderful children and staff of the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat (FKL).

KG kids’ exciting day at the playground
FKL kindergarteners enjoyed a day out at the Hebr Ethiopia Tana playground on Bole Road last month. The 60 kids, accompanied by their teachers, explored the modern recreation equipment, met other children, and were treated to snacks, soft drinks, and other goodies during their all-day visit. A member of the Kindergarten Literature Club presented a trip report with highlights of the outing at the FKL morning parade the next day.

FKL teachers on exchange tour
A team of teachers and staff conducted a two-day tour to Hawassa, the capitol of Ethiopia’s southern region, to visit FKL’s sister organization, the Yeshi Kindergarten & Elementary School. The 7-member team observed the activities of the host school and exchanged views with their counterparts on matters of mutual interest.

This was a return visit by the FKL team to the earlier visits by the Director of the Yeshi Kindergarten & Elementary School to Addis Ababa. The members of the two sister schools found the exchanges very useful to share experiences aimed at improving their respective services to their students.

FKL has similar arrangements with schools such as New Life Youth Academy in Addis, in which they exchange information, student exams, and share the use of the computer services at the FKL Library.