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September 3, 2012

Although the regular school year at Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School (FKL) in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia ended for summer recess on June 30, 2012, the school’s educational programs continued well into the summer.The summer programs provided additional instruction for students as well as advanced training for teachers.

First, to maximize the success of each student, the school identified students from each grade who performed poorly during the regular school year and enrolled them in an intensive class for the entire month of July. The extra instruction and attention to these students individual educational needs will help them hit the ground running as the new school year begins this month.

During the summer program, volunteers taught English to grade 1-4 students for almost the entire month and also organized an event to mark the end of the summer term. The volunteers included Daniel Tesfaye, a resident of North Carolina; returning volunteer Sofia Elias along with Kenean Hayle, both residents of California; and Liyue Kebede and Biruk Ermias, residents of Addis Ababa.

Next, in addition to providing supplementary educational programs for students, Mrs. Hirout Dagnew, a board member of the Fregenet Foundation here in Los Angeles, conducted an advanced training session for FKL teachers in Addis Abeba.

Mrs. Dagnew, who is a National Board-certified teacher specializing in middle-childhood years and has worked as an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles since 1986, gave a four-day teacher training session. The workshops included School-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS), Student Success Team (SST), How to Design Effective Lesson Plans, and Classroom Management. Mrs. Dagnew also shared ideas on how to build a professional learning community through collaboration.

The summer programs are part of the success story of the Fregenet Foundation. Through the generous efforts of volunteers, these programs give teachers and students at Fregenet School valuable tools to maximize the educational opportunities the school provides. The commitment of teachers, volunteers, and donors to the educational mission of the Fregenet Foundation ensures that impoverished children receive the education they deserve.

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