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November 18, 2013

Dear Supporters,

The Fregenet Foundation, through your donations, gives young people the opportunity to be in control of their own destiny and families the chance to leave the darkness of poverty behind them forever.

Two of the children your donations have impacted are Samuel and Hermela, outgoing six year-old twins who live with their mother, Akeberet. Abandoned by their father at birth, the twins have survived through the hard work and tenacity of their mother who kept the family from sinking by washing clothes for people.







She herself, an orphan from a young age, was raised by her aunt but was forced to abandon her own education at grade seven when that aunt died. If it weren’t for Fregenet, her twins would have continued this sad legacy and would not be in school today. Instead, Samuel and Hermela are learning, socializing, and being fed mentally as well as physically each day.

In addition Akeberet has been hired to do janitorial duties at the School giving her the opportunity to make a steady income as well as time to interact with her children at school.

Without your donations, there is every reason to believe that this family would be sliding ever further behind and would have little reason to be hopeful about the future. But because of your generosity they are able to lift their chins and imagine a brighter tomorrow.

The Fregenet Foundation