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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fregenet Foundation launched its newly redesigned website on May 01, 2009. The website features current announcements and photographs of the children attending the Foundation’s first school, ìFregenet Kidan Lehitsanat,î on the home page. The home page also contains a link to a new film about The Fregenet Foundation, hosted on YouTube.

Our new website has given the Foundation a more lively image and tells our story with more pictures and less words. We hope it will inspire and enable our visitors to become more engaged in our mission and efforts than ever before.

Website visitors can learn about Fregenet Foundation through four main areas ñ ìLearn,î ìImagine,î ìActî and ìTrack

ìLearnî sets forth the Foundation’s history, leadership, mission and motives.

ìImagineî sets forth our vision for the Foundation’s future, with our immediate goals as well as our long-term plans.

ìActî invites website visitors to support the Foundation through several options ñ donation, sponsorship or by running in the LA Marathon. In addition, visitors can share or link up to the site via social networking tools and connect their friends to the Foundation.

ìTrackî allow website visitors to track the Foundation’s ongoing progress through pictures, annual reports, press releases and messages from the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsant School, the Foundation’s president and board, as well as from the Foundation’s many supporters.

Another wonderful aspect of the new website is ìbehind the scenes.î The Foundation staff now has the ability to update the website content and keep it fresh. We are thrilled with our new website and we’d like to express our gratitude for the time and resources generously donated by Annie Glasel of A Thousand Hills Media, the website developer.

To visit the new Fregenet Foundation website, go to http://www.fregenetfoundation.org To comment or report any technical difficulties, please contact the foundation at [email protected] or call 213-625-1867.

The Fregenet Foundation