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The Fregenet Foundation is pleased to announce that My2cents, an Austrian based non profit organization, donated $2,950 directly to The Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School’s (FKL) account in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. My2cents was able to raise this amount by organizing an event called ìStudents Running for Students,î held specifically for procuring new school uniforms for the students at FKL

One of the objectives of My2cents is to help kids in economically disadvantaged communities in various parts of the world. This year, My2cents selected the students of FKL as beneficiaries after several discussions between The Fregenet Foundation and Jacqueline Holzer, co-founder and a member of My2cents, in Los Angeles.

In early May, Bernadette Posch, a member of My2cents, visited FKL and discussed the idea of organizing a run to support the provision of school uniforms to FKL students. While the main objective of the event was to raise money in support of FKL, representatives of the two institutions also discussed the establishment of a cultural bridge between the students of FKL and primary school students in Seefeld, Austria.

Immediately upon her return to Austria from Addis Abeba, Ms. Posch started preparations for the ìStudents Running for Studentsî event. She toured five primary schools in picturesque Seefeld and gave presentations to the students about the lives of children in Ethiopia, the condition of their schools, and the cultural habits of the people of Addis Abeba, all with specific examples from FKL and its students.

On May 26, 2009, the day of the event, four hundred and thirty children from five primary schools in Seefeld participated. In total, the students were able to complete 1738.5 km and local sponsors donated the money based on this achievement.

The event received well-deserved media coverage. Following the event, participants received certificates in honor of their participation. The community’s response to the event was so great that the organizers have discussed repeating the event next year. Please go to www.friendsofmy2cents.org to learn more about My2cents and to see pictures of the ìStudents Running for Studentsî event.

The Fregenet Foundation would like to thank the members of My2cents, the students who participated in the ìStudents Running for Studentsî event and the community of Seefeld, Austria for their inspiring fundraising efforts on behalf of the disadvantaged kids at FKL and for believing in the Foundation’s cause.

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