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It’s been a busy and eventful year for the Fregenet Foundation. It has only been four years since our establishment and we are proud to have a successful and fully operational school as a manifestation of our efforts. And though we have met our fair share of obstacles, anesthetist this year has been characterized by positive change, discount upward progress and promise for the future of our mission.

FKL has introduced new and significant support programs in the past year. One of
our major new programs is providing full meals to all the children during school
hours at no charge to the students’ families. We call this program ìThe School
Lunch Project.î FKL students have now started enjoying one full hot meal a day for
lunch. Every day, prostate there is rice, macaroni or enjera. In addition, every so often,
students are provided with fruits, eggs and biscuits. In the past, FKL provided only
one light meal or snack a day due to its limited resources. To fulfill its part of the
obligation and to successfully run this new program, FKL has hired a cook and an

Our annual anniversary and fund raising activity was not held in 2007 due to technical reasons. However, we participated in the annual Los Angeles Marathon. About seven dedicated runners participated in the March 2007 Marathon and raised about $3500 from their sponsors. In 2008, we plan to reorganize our participation in this event, increase the number of our runners and raise more money.

We have made huge strides in just this one year; however, we realize that there is
much more work to do. We hope to accomplish much more in the coming year and
report even more great accomplishments in our 2008 annual report. We hope that the
Fregenet Foundation will make an impact on the lives of our students, and we
earnestly believe that we are making significant progress toward realizing the dream of
Fregenet Tafesse Woubshet.