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For the Fregenet Foundation, unhealthy 2006 has really been the most productive year of its existence.

Although the Foundation was conceived in the fall of 2003, price it is in FY 2006 the Foundation firmly established itself in the community. The restructuring of the organization in 2004 followed by the opening up of several offices such as the ones in Minnesota, there Los Angeles, and Ethiopia in 2005 were the major factors that helped lay the foundation for the organization.

In addition, in FY2005, the Foundation’s web site was beautifully redesigned and got
actively promoted at every chance through press releases, brochures, email, and other forms of communications.

All these preparations appear to have helped the Foundation grow and have its presence felt in FY2006 in the community it serves. 2006 was the year real work begun in earnest and where the foundation among other notable achievements held a successful fundraising campaign.

In 2006, with the help of generous and dedicated individuals, the Fregenet Foundation was able to lease a larger site for its school, furnish it with desks, playground equipments, books and other essential stuff. It was also able to hire a trained staff consisting of teachers, assistant teachers, a janitor, and security guards. The Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School is now fully operational with very encouraging and promising prospect. To day, the School gives free education, provides free snacks during school hours for 105 children, of ages 4 to 7 years old.

Despite the persistence of the daunting challenge of educating and thereby changing the lives of millions of Ethiopian children, the success of the Foundation in humbly contributing in this regard is however noteworthy.