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2008 Annual Report

2008 has been a great year for the Foundation, the School and our students. We have accomplished many of the objectives that we outlined for the year despite our limited resources. Slowly and surely, we are marching forward!

2007 Annual Report

Itís been a busy and eventful year for the Fregenet Foundation. It has only been four years since our establishment and we are proud to have a successful and fully operational school as a manifestation of our efforts. And though we have met our fair share of obstacles, this year has been characterized by positive change, upward progress and promise for the future of our mission.

2006 Annual Report

Although the Foundation was conceived in the fall of 2003, it is in FY 2006 the Foundation firmly established itself in the community. The restructuring of the organization in 2004 followed by the opening up of several offices such as the ones in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Ethiopia in 2005 were the major factors that helped lay the foundation for the organization.