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For the Fregenet Foundation runners, the LA marathon on Sunday, March 21, 2010 was no leisurely stroll through the promenade with the promise of a warm cup of macchiato at the end. Rather, it was all-out, unflinching show of perseverance through pain and fatigue. The promise at the end? More pain. One thing kept them moving on. It was the promise given to themselves, to their donors, and to the children of Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School.

With the completion of this marathon, we fulfilled that promise. It began as a gleam in the eye, became more solid with each decision to rise early to train instead of sleep, and gathered steam with each practice mile. Then we took the first step from the Dodgers Stadium, down the hill side of our precious City of Angles, through beautiful down town, past historic Hollywood, into Beverly Hills, and finished with the heavenly ocean breezes of Santa Monica Beach in our faces.

We say congratulations again and again, because not one of our runners quit when they got tired. Not one failed to finish as they endured the excruciating pain of jammed joints and miserable muscles. Not one decided to stop half-way and head home to the Jacuzzi rather than press on despite the burning from the soles of their battered feet.

A special thanks goes out to our first time marathon runners Daitchi Ito from Latham & Watkins here in Los Angeles, and Chris Kurtz. He and his lovely wife, Carolyn, flew all the way from Portland, Oregon. Chris came expressly for the opportunity to raise money for Fregenet School by way of his very first marathon, and Carolyn came to support her husband. We also want to recognize and appreciate the sponsors of our runners for believing in us all, for their encouraging pledges and for standing beside us in a cause they support and believe in.

The Fregenet Foundation would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Los Angeles Marathon Inc, for recognizing our foundation as one of the official charity organizations in Los Angeles. They have provided a venue for our fund raising event for four years in a row. We thank our friend and Fregenet Foundation supporter, Mr. Russ Pillar, President of the LA Marathon Inc. for organizing and for being on top of an outstanding and successful race.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to other LA Marathon officials and volunteers who made significant contributions to make this marathon event and our fund raising effort a success.

  • Thanks to Nick Curl, Race Director, Peter Abraham Creative Director, Ginger William, Director of Community Relations; all from LA Marathon Inc.
  • Thanks to Carolyn Kurtz for coming with her husband Chris and cheering us on.
  • Thanks to Endale Tezera, a very dear friend and a staunch supporter of The Fregenet Foundation, for giving rides to our runners and giving up his entire day from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Thanks to all the more than 6000 LA marathon water, food, security, and sign waving volunteers for making this unforgettable event a big success
  • Thanks to all the cheer givers of Angelinos of Neuestro Pueblo, who clapped and shouted encouragement for all 26.2 miles, who stood in the sun for hours and hours, danced, high-fived, and played music, and created a very festive atmosphere making the arduous run the very best place in the world to work harder and sweat more than on any other day of the year.

Our runners showed up and did their part not just in practice, not just in training, and not just in word but for real. Now it is time for our wonderful sponsors to follow up on the pledges they gave and, if they have not already done so, mail in their checks. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For those who never got around to even making a pledge, it is not too late. In fact, it is never too late to educate a child in need. You can still sponsor one or all of our runners. Write your check payable to The Fregenet Foundation and mail it to:

901 South Flower Street, Unit 411

Los Angeles, CA 90015

And finally we want to offer all of our supporters and runners a thought from the very heart of Fregenet. This foundation that we treasure so much was, itself, born of hardship and tears. And so it is fitting that a marathon should be one of our most central fund raising events. We, more than others, know that misery and sorrow must not be allowed to have the last word. There are children who need us. Together we can take hardship and give it purpose, loss and give it meaning, despair and give it tomorrow. Like the girl in the well known folk tale, we too wish to spin the straw of sadness and discouragement into the gold of hope and dreams. Please help us.

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