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December 10, 2015

By Meheret Abebe

On 6 /8/2015, was when a group of ten 9th grade students from Greek community school decided to support and work with the Fregenet Foundation and its School (FKL).

We heard about the Fregenet school through Nathaniel, who worked with the Foundation from the University of Maryland (which also happens to be my brother). As soon as I heard about Fregenet School I was already interested and eager to start helping and brought up the idea that we should create a group to help and enlighten the futures of young children. I was very much excited that my friends had the same alacrity I had when they heard about the Fregenet. This is when we formed our group M.A.C, Make a Change. After we had created an amazing group with different responsibilities we had the chance to visit the Fregenet School on 10/17/2015.

Our tour around the school really opened our eyes and galvanized us into working closely with the very friendly and loving students of the school!

MAC pic

After our visit to Fregenet and creating a relationship with the members of the board, we planned on donating books to the library of Fregenet School from our fellow classmates and other students in our school. We also setup up a program to spread the word about the school and introducing the youth to the idea of volunteering.

We were over excited to see the effort people were making: collecting books, spreading word, and helping us in every way they could. In less than a month, we were able to successfuly collect over 400 books for the Fregenet School!

After we presented the books to the Fregenet School Library, on the 13th of November 2015, we set a new goal that will further strengthen the relationship between our school and the Fregenet Foundation. We decided that our next goal should be to tutor the children of Fregenet and spend a marvelous time with them every Saturday. Seeing their laughter and smile, playing with them on beautiful gardens of their school, and standing beside them to care and love them, was how we wanted to show our support to them. We wanted to make a Change in their lives! That is why we had picked the name M.A.C. (Make a change) because even we, young students, can really make the world a better place and contribute our social responsibility.