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Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Fregenet School in Addis began its 2013/14 school year on September 16. With the addition of 30 new students in KG-1 (20 of whom are girls), the total number of students attending the school now stands at 180! Most of the new students are from households with only one parent, and some have no living parents.

As in the past, the Women’s, Children’s, and Youth Affairs Office for Woreda 05 and 11 recruited the new students. The Fregenet School accepted three children from Woreda 05 and 27 from Woreda 11, after the school conducted a door-to-door assessment to ensure that these children are from impoverished homes.

These newly recruited students will receive school uniform in the coming days and, most importantly, a crucial early-childhood education they otherwise would not have received.

To expand its educational mission, the Fregenet School plans to increase the number of students in all grades. And, in addition to the enrolled students, the school provides continuing education services to about 120 older students who attend nearby public school.

The difference an education will make to these students is immeasurable. All of the amazing things the Fregenet School accomplishes are possible only through the continuing generosity and dedication of our supporters. For that, we can only say a very sincere, ìThank you!î

The Fregenet Foundation