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November 4, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Fregenet Foundation takes great pride in the support it receives from its esteemed partners and backers. They are the reason why we have been able to provide primary education, nutrition, supplies, and medical services to disadvantaged children for the last fifteen years. But another, sometimes overlooked yet essential group in the Foundation’s success, are the members of the Board of Directors.  Their guidance and leadership are crucial for the foundation’s operation.

Board members meet regularly, make funding decisions, develop policies, organize fundraising events, anticipate problems, and network with leaders of communities, government, and business. All these activities which are offered freely and voluntarily, demand time and dedication. The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to express its heart-felt appreciation for the absolutely necessary work of the board of directors. 

With the crucial role the board plays in the success of The Fregenet Foundation in mind, we would like to announce important recent developments in the departure of members, Ms. Hirout Dagnew and Mr. Peter Callaghan, and the arrival of a new one, Mr. Yonas Assefa.

Ms. Hirout and Mr. Callaghan served the Foundation for many years respectively as the Director of the Program Committee and the Director of the Finance Committee. Both carried out their tasks with a sense of purpose, dedication and professionalism and played a key role in the success of the work of the Foundation. The Board expresses its gratitude for their contributions and wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.

The Board extends a warm welcome to Mr. Yonas as its newest member. Mr. Yonas is passionate about public service and has years of experience in volunteerism. He has been active in several religious and charitable organizations dealing with children and youth. The Board believes Mr. Yonas will make a valuable contribution to the Foundation in the years to come.

Please join us to express our utmost gratitude to our outgoing board members Hirout and Peter, and to welcome our incoming new board member Yonas Assefa.

Best regards,

The Fregenet Foundation