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September 10, 2014

Dear Friends and supporters,

Tomorrow is a celebration of the beginning of the New Year in Ethiopia and Ethiopians all over the world. Based on Julian Calendar (more or less), for Ethiopians, this New Year is the beginning of 2007, seven years behind the Gregorian calendar.

September is called MESKEREM in Amharic and the 1st day of the month in MESKEREM will start tomorrow. MESKEREM 1st is also called ENQUTATASH.

2006 Ethiopian year went fast with its own good and bad happenings; and the year 2007, as it quickly approached, will also go in a similar speed and leave its own mark in the coming 365 days.

FKL Students

As we said in one of our earlier New Year’s news releases, “the calendar is poised to tick over a new number, we ask you to remember something that does not change; the power of hope and opportunity in a child’s life.”

We are confident that you and your loved ones will continue to be that power of hope for the needy ones.

We wish you our very best for the New Ethiopian Year, happy holidays and many memory-making times with family and friends.

The Fregenet Foundation