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July 25, 2012

The Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School (FKL) in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia organized a very successful fundraising luncheon on June 23, 2012, at the Commercial School Alumni Hall near Bole Road. The fundraiser was part of the campaign to obtain much-needed financial assistance for the school’s feeding program.


Feeding the school’s needy students is only part of the comprehensive support services FKL provides, along with education, uniforms, stationery, and medical care, all of which are made available to students free of charge. Fregenet School offers these vital services not only to the 185 students who currently attend kindergarten through fourth grade, but also to 59 graduates who are continuing their education in neighboring schools. With the expected enrollment of 30 additional kindergarten-age children in the upcoming school year, the total number of students who will receive comprehensive educational support including meals could reach 274.


Fregenet school board members and parents of its students used the fundraiser as an opportunity to highlight the activities of the school, explain the pressing funding challenges it faces, and appeal for continuing support. Schoolchildren cheered the participants with songs and cultural performances in appreciation of everything FKL means in their lives and for their futures.

The Fregenet School board and staff are encouraged by the active participation of guests at the luncheon and their generous pledges to the program. The event raised more than 210,000 birr through ticket sales, one-time and annual pledges, auctions, sale of donated items, and in-kind donations.


The Fregenet Foundation