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On April 16, 2011, Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat (FKL) hosted a fundraising luncheon at the famous Eden Genet Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to solicit support for the purchase of the school premise it is presently renting. About 300 patrons attended the lunch (100 Birr – a plate) and participated in the auction organized as part of the event. The program included poetry reading, a short drama, traditional songs and dances performed by FKL students, as well as sales of donated items. An Ethiopian cultural band entertained the attendants at the occasion.

The Chairman of the FKL Board who spoke at the luncheon expressed deep appreciation to the individuals and organizations for their commitment and for their generous gifts to the fund raiser. The representative of the Parents’ Association on her part praised the school community and all supporters of the school for their indispensable humanitarian work and pleaded for their continued assistance to the children that have no other recourse.

The luncheon was a part of an ongoing fundraising campaign to ensure the 214 needy children attending the FKL continue to receive the assistance they need. As an Ethiopian non-profit organization, FKL provides free education including stationery, uniform, meals and health services. Unfortunately, the owner of the school property plans to sell it, and FKL can stay only by purchasing the property.

The luncheon was considered an encouraging beginning in FKL’s efforts towards ensuring continued service to its most needy children. We look forward to increased patronage by all concerned as we strive to ensure free uninterrupted education and a caring environment to the youngsters.

Therefore while we thank all donors for their contribution thus far, we renew our appeal to our friends and supporters to continue their patronage and generous assistance that means so much to the children at the FKL, their families and all of us closely associated with this humanitarian endeavor.

The FKL Board of Directors