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December 12, 2013

Dear Friends and supporters,

The year 2014 quickly approaches and our thoughts naturally turn from day to day matters to larger concerns. We step back and look at the past year for signs of change in our ever more rapidly changing world. There are brand new words to learn, new technologies, and the names of emerging stars in the entertainment world.

But now, as the calendar is poised to tick over a new number, we ask you, to remember something that does not change; the power of hope and opportunity in a child’s life. The Fregenet Foundation that you have faithfully supported has been offering hope for a full ten years.

Those of us with a foot in the ancient nation of Ethiopia remember a world where the wheels of time roll much more slowly. Roosters still rouse the sleepy from their beds even in the heart of the city, farmers till their fields by hand in the countryside, and there are no mad rushes to the claim the best deals on Black Friday. Yet even here, time will not stand still and those who wish for better lives must be educated.

For many of us, the greatest change of 2013, the one that our minds will return to over and over throughout the coming year is the legacy of one of Africa’s brightest suns, Nelson Mandela. His is the story of a warrior for freedom and equality and pride. But let us not forget that his life began as a barefoot boy in a small African community. To reach his potential, Nelson Mandela, the boy, needed knowledge. He needed information. And he needed the hope and belief that things could one day be different.

In his own words, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The Fregenet Foundation is in the business of taking children in a small African community and offering hope and possibility. Those children, whose eyes are not yet dimmed to the idea that they will be forever poor and desperate, deserve to know that the existence they were born into does not have to chain them down for a lifetime.

Please consider an end-of-the-year gift to The Fregenet Foundation, or better yet, sign up at http://fregenetfoundation.org/act/donate to support us with a monthly donation. In a world that is changing as fast as ours is, there are not many promises that can be kept. But ours can. We hold out to you our promise that your contribution will keep alive one of the greatest gifts of all, the hope for a better tomorrow.

We wish for you blessings for the New Year, happy holidays and many memory-making times with family and friends.

The Fregenet Foundation