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May 1st , 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters,

 As you may remember, on May 22, 2018, the Fregent Foundation issued a press release about the Bishoftu Project whose aim is to expand educational access to children living outside of Addis Ababa. The project plans to construct its first model school on about 12,000m2 plot of land provided for free by the Bishoftu City Administration. The Foundation signed MOU with the city’s Education Bureau which, upon completion, will be responsible for the day to day administration of the school which will be named Fregenet Dembi Primary School. The concept design was approved; soil investigation was completed; and volunteer architects and engineers coordinated by Metaferia Consulting Engineers have developed detailed drawings of the school.

We are excited to share with our esteemed partners and supporters about new developments that will take the project a step further. The Fregenet Foundation has recently received building permit from Bishoftu Construction Bureau and subsequently began a tender process. Sixteen construction companies entered the process of which four were excluded based on results of financial evaluation. The remaining fourteen, from Grade 4 to 6 contractors, submitted their offer, from the lowest to the highest price accordingly. As the Foundation was preparing to award the contract to the lowest bidder, the president of the foundation was met at an event by the owner and CEO of the Flintstone Engineering Plc, who offered to work with the foundation as a partner and express the company’s willingness to complete the school project at cost.

Based on this gentlemen’s agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed on April 05, 2019 between the Fregenet Foundation and the Flintstone Engineering Plc, in which both agreed on the project’s design and construction, possible design revision, and financing. Recently, Flintstone Engineering has informed us that Design optimization on all design disciplines works are underway, followed by  project planning & scheduling, and we hope that within the coming days, the construction company will prepare a detailed contract draft for both parties to sign. We expect to break ground and start construction of the school in less than two months.

The Fregenet Foundation would like to take this opportunity to pay and express its highest gratitude to Metaferia consulting firm, for doing all the design works including the architectural, structural, electrical and sanitary detail drawings, taking it upto getting the design permit and finishing the bid process, all on pro bono basis.  The same appreciation goes to Flintstone Engineering and real estate company for being our partner in this endevour, and heartily willing to do the school construction at cost.

We are at an exciting moment in our decades-old dream of giving what we consider to be the greatest gift, the gift of education, to those who are deprived of it because of poverty. We have come a long way and overcome multiple challenges and victory is in sight at last. All this is made possible dear friends, because of your unflinching commitment and unreserved support. Let’s get this noble idea off the ground and bring it to fruition together. We need your assistance – finance, advice, and encouragement – to make our collective dream a reality for us and for those small kids who deserve a good education and a better future.

Thank you very much

The Fregenet Foundation