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The Fregenet Foundation is funded by the kindness and generosity of its supporters. To help us continue our work in Ethiopia, please consider Direct Donations or participate in our Student Sponsor Program.

Contributions to The Fregenet Foundation or participation in our Student Sponsor Program are tax-deductible.


Your donation has a direct impact on the daily operations of our school. Fregenet Foundation does not have management overheads and has a board of directors who serve on a voluntary basis. The dollars you provide go directly towards teacher salary, facility rental, water and other utilities, playground and a clean, safe environment for children to play and grow. We also direct a certain portion of the money towards the daily needs of the children that do not have sponsors. Click here to review our donation plans. Click here to donate.


sponsorJust $25 a month or $0.84 cents a day will give a child a pre-school through grade 4 education. At the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School, we have now only about 40 sponsored children out of 370 students that we currently have.

To meet our goal of 300 students by the end of 2017, we need more than 250 sponsors.

Your dollars are spent towards school supplies, books, learning material, uniform, tutorial assistance, meals, snacks, sleeping mats and health care. You will also appreciate and be happy to know that more children will actually benefit from your sponsorship than the ones you directly sponsor. The Fregenet Foundation categorically believes that no child should be left without a Sponsor, or worse discriminated because at that particular time a Sponsor for that particular child was not found. At the Fregenet Foundation, sponsorship funds are pooled and used to help meet the needs of all children in the program.

The Student Sponsor Program is a means for achieving flexibility and coordination in the use of the funds received for each sponsored child. It is our considered opinion that resources acquired to assist students in one program often can benefit other students without in any way depriving the originally targeted group.

Click here to sponsor a child.


There are other ways to help us

Run – you can run the marathon for us and raise sponsorship dollars

Link up – you can link to our site from your blog, your face book, mention us in your twitter and tell people about us.

Give us your car – if you have an old car that is not worth the money to fix, get the most value out of it by donating the car.