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You may think you know Ethiopia.

map of ethiopiaWhat you may not have heard about Ethiopia is its 3000-year history as one of the world’s richest and most beautiful cultures.

You may not have heard of its unique language and rich literature.

You may not have heard of the gentleness and generosity of its people.

You may not have heard about the history of its Orthodox Christian church, one of the world’s oldest; nor of the peaceful coexistence today of Muslims with Christians neither calling for holy war against the other.

You may not have heard of its heroic resistance against the Italians, making it the only African country never colonized by Europeans.

It is a proud race and one with a deep, abiding dignity. What the people of Ethiopia want and deserve is a chance to reclaim that dignity and true self-sufficiency among the community of nations.

They have the resources to do it. All they need is a chance.

Unfortunately for the people of Ethiopia some of the challenges they have faced over the years have branded them with undeserved negative images. The truth is, Ethiopians are resourceful, hard working, forward thinking, fun loving, and legendary in their sense of hospitality. While the difficulties of this nation struggling to get up to speed in a fast moving world, they have never deserved the labels related to poverty and famine.

In addition to this, while the political debates are vigorous and passionate, Ethiopia has been going through a decade long period of economic growth and political stability. There is a hope among all of her citizens that Ethiopia will continue in her path from an emerging to a full-fledged democracy.

Fregenet proposes to be a part of the solution in Ethiopia by helping to educate some of its youngest and most fragile citizens – children from families who need a hand to get out of an undeserved and temporary situation of need and poverty.