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The Fregenet Foundation is seeking more runners and sponsors for the March 21, 2010, Los Angeles Marathon. The needy children in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia need your support to help raise funds for the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat School.

The Los Angeles Marathon has been one of the foundation’s most important fund-raising events for the last four years. Currently, foundation officials are making calls to encourage runners and sponsors to sign up for this noble cause.

Several runners have already signed up to run and to raise funds for the foundation. According to our January 31, 2010, records, among those who have signed up are Catherine Bylo, Michele Biagioni, Stan Bogany, Dan Manns, Andy Tenenbaum and Dawne Herbert, all from LA Leggers Club; Daichi Ito from Latham & Watkins; Chris Kurtz from Portland; Asmeret Mebatsion, and, of course, Tafesse Woubshet and Elizabeth Asrat, the Fregenet Foundation board members.

All runners who have previously pledged to run for the foundation should be aware of the 25,000 entrants cap and should sign up before marathon registration closes.

Runner sponsorship Sign-up form is available at our web site www.fregenetfoundation.org. Sponsors could also send their pledged amounts to the following address:

The Fregenet Foundation

901 South Flower Street Unit 411

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Please contact 213-327-2063 if you have questions.

Feel free to investigate the charity video link prepared by LA Marathon:


The Fregenet Foundation