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September 3, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On Saturday October 19th, we will be celebrating a milestone, one that seemed impossible at the beginning – FKL, the Fregenet School is 15 years and going strong!  With friends and supporters like you, the dream of a school to bring hope and a head start to some of our neediest young ones has become achievable, even life changing for many of the children and families we have served over the years.

The past fifteen years have brought us many challenges, but none bigger than our determination.  The reality of seeing children learning and entering a journey on a path towards realizing their full potential has been deeply meaningful. We have heard stories of unimaginable hardship, but we at Fregenet Foundation eternally believe, education can be the ultimate equalizer. Providing quality learning experiences in our classrooms helps children look beyond their current situations. They can grow to be the builders of their knowledge, the welders of their economic scaffold, and the architects of their future, able, educated and adding positively to their surroundings.

 It is probably unnecessary to say, yet vital to remember that without your backing, the Fregenet School would not exist.  It is with your support that we stand at the threshold of the next phase: The Bishoftu Project. Come join us, hear all about it and let’s cheer to the next 15 years.

With Much Gratitude

The Fregenet Foundation